Sunday, January 22, 2017

As For Me and My House

Call me a libtard.
I will still care about you, although my feelings may be hurt.
Challenge my 'politics' - such that they are.
I will not stop being your friend.
Tell me I'm unpatriotic.
I will try to see things from your side, even while disagreeing.

But please, don't discount my gay and lesbian friends and their feelings.
Like my Nick who is working so hard to get in the best shape of his life
Or my Joshie who asks me questions about my favorite songs and tells me I'm beautiful
Or my Donna and Marie who live next door and are some of the best neighbors I've had
They don't think their lifestyle is a choice
They're just trying to live their lives.

Please remember the women that I love
Who have been abused and endured horrific trauma
And are still upright, still fighting, trying to learn to trust and raise a healthy family
They're just scared to see a man in power who may share qualities with the monsters under the bed.

Please consider my friends who need consistent and affordable healthcare
Like those fighting cancer
Those who just lost their mom
Those who need the meds to stay balanced.

I know it's easy to make sweeping generalized statements... I've done it. I probably still do it. I hope I do it less than I used to. To me, this political season reminds me of the humanity. You guys, the groups that you're angry at are just people like you. They may not look the same or talk the same or find the same gender attractive that you do... but they're someone's kid. Someone's mom. Someone's boss.

If you need a meal, come over. I'll feed you.
If you need a place to stay, my couch is always open.
If you need someone to listen as you sob out your fears, I will hug you and cry with you.
And I don't have to agree with you to offer you this.

Anger is a secondary emotion, friends. It is usually grown from fear. It's okay to be scared. But as for me and my house, we will Love in the face of fear. That is our Anchor around here. I can't stop the fighting and the rioting and the arguments on Facebook. But I can Love whoever I meet - because they're just a person like me. This is what I will continue to teach my son, and show by example. I probably won't change the world. But I can bless those with whom I come into contact.

In Love,


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  1. Thank you for expressing what so many people are feeling with such eloquence.