Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear 2013

Dear 2013,

We only have a few short hours left to spend together. A couple more ticks of the clock and you will only just be history. A memory. You will no longer be what I write at the top of my rent check, what I enter as an invoicing date on my spreadsheets. No longer the present.

I am good with this.

You brought a bunch of interesting things with you when you first arrived on the scene twelve months ago, 2013. I'm relieved that you didn't show me your entire bag of tricks right at the beginning. A little bit of a warning would have been nice, possibly; how about a "Heads up, sunshine! I'm gonna try to kick your ass this year!" or maybe "Warning! Get as many of your ducks in a row as you can, because you never know when the things you depend upon will be gone!" I know it would be too much to ask that you would have announced yourself as "The Hardest Year You Will Have Encountered Thus Far".

But I made it.

I will promise you one thing, 2013. I promise, promise, that the life lessons you have taught me in the last 365 days will stick around. I am convinced that because of you I am a better person.

More honest.
More compassionate.
Much, much more willing to extend grace.
More objective.

Man but I cried this year. Oh but I hurt. But you know what, 2013? Although there were times it seems you only came to wreak havoc, you brought some pretty amazing things with you as well. I'm getting older, 2013. And for some reason, I never really expected to make any more new friends that would stand up to the test of time the old friendships have. You really changed my perspective about that one. The friends you brought with you this year? Or the friends that 2012 just barely introduced to me? Whoa. Some of those dear ones are people I can't imagine this life without anymore. And you know who else you brought into my heart-circle? Some old acquaintances who have turned out to be the most kindred of spirits. The kind of friend that I can fly across states to sit on their couch and drink coffee with.. and be loved.

*you know who you are*

You really made me take a close look at myself, 2013. You were the despised teacher's red pen, circling all of my spelling errors and punctuation mishaps and run-on sentences. You didn't just point out my flaws and weaknesses, you yelled about them. And you really didn't offer much help as you flunked my rough draft. All of the things I thought I knew you crumpled up and flushed down the toilet. You were the boss that said, "Figure it out", as you walked away leaving me a project and a deadline, and I didn't realize for a long time it was because I was capable of figuring it out. But as we ready ourselves to part ways, I don't blame you for this, 2013. I am stronger because of you.

I am ready to say good-bye.

Thanks, 2013. I mean it. I have a feeling you will be the year that I look back on as one of the most beautiful, because of the struggle. Thanks for showing me the sun keeps coming up even after the darkest of nights.

It hasn't been a pleasure. But it's been an honor.

2014 is here?! Oh, I'm so happy to meet you...



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