Monday, May 3, 2010

I don't like to write. I excuse this by saying I don't have time, or I'm not witty/intelligent/articulate enough, or there's no reason to preserve the crazy ramblings of my mind in a written format.


Lately, I have been challenged by several loved ones to create a place for my written thoughts. Perhaps even online. And so, (mostly because I love a challenge), I am here.

I have no idea how to do this. Let's be honest. I am going to try it out, though, somewhat to see if I can save money on my therapist bills.

Do you ever wonder if you are the only sane one in a world full of madness?? you wonder are you the only insane one in a world that seems to make sense to everyone else?? Have you ever looked at your children and pondered how it happens that you can be full of frustration AND love at the same time?? Do you feel like you "should" be able to do it all (and that others are succeeding so why aren't you)??

These are things I feel regularly. If you understand any of the previous paragraph, welcome. If you have it all together in this life, you may want to find something else to read.

See you soon~


  1. a blog by brigitte, how lovely and wonderful! :-) been meaning to mail you a letter but don't have your address. still want to thank you in person for taking care of your nephews so your sister and J could be with us in January when we needed them. thank you. a lot. I still think about it and it makes me cry that you would do that.

  2. um. just realized I'm signed in as my hubby. yeah, my bad. he might not word things just quite like I did.